BSC contract address:

Total Supply

1 Quadrillion

11% burn on launch

11% burn if Branson makes it back alive

12% tax on transactions

3% Marketing booster for spaceship

3% Buyback to maintain thrusters

2% Liquidity Pool

Profit from holding

Passengers are rewarded with 4% of transaction tax - directly into your wallet everytime a new passenger embarks and disembarks

Bot Killer

Because no-one wants an alien invasion

Token Info

Welcome onboard #Unity22 as our favourite billionaires battle in the ultimate space race! Musk spent years building rockets but looks like his ego couldn't fit through the hatch! Bezos's book store may be getting him to new heights but it's Branson in the lead - join him to win the race to space and dock the mothership! Become a passenger for automatic token rewards, 13 phase burn protocol and a first class ticket to the moon and beyond. Elongate is dead, long live BransonGate 👑

BransonGate Roadmap

  • Initial Website and Social channels launch
  • $BGATE pre-flight checks – Presale
  • $BGATE liftoff – Launch on PancakeSwap
  • Burn BABY Burn – 11% burn
  • Whitepaper – maybe, we’ll see
  • 12 phase burn protocol
  • GO for Audit 
  • GO for CG
  • GO TW and BSC
  • GO for Influencer Marketing
  • Swap Doge for $BGATE
  • CEX listing
  • Merch store
  • Doge under protection of Unity22 space crew
  • GO for Safemoon Wallet application
  • Major exchange listing or not – community decides
  • Formal application to courts for legal adoption as DogeFather

How To Buy

White paper

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